ACT Bootcamp with Ali Raymer

Are you struggling with the ACT Reading & English tests? I can help you feel confident conquering the exam!
As a high school English teacher, I have spent the last eight years honing my ACT prep strategies to best benefit my students. I've led students through simple strategies in order to increase speed and accuracy on the ACT Reading test and improve scores. I have seen student growth on the ACT Reading section upwards of 10+ points. I have also worked with students through simple strategies on the ACT English test in order to improve those scores as well. All of my students have seen growth!  

Testimonial: Dion P. from Franklin-Simpson High School 

"I was really motivated to get my ACT score up in order to play football in college. Following Mrs. Raymer's ACT prep steps were simple and just took a little practice. Once I had them down, I felt really successful going into the exam. I brought my ACT reading score from a 19 to 32! This test score will honestly change my life." 

Reading: 19 to a 32

Testimonial: Logan C. from Franklin-Simpson High School 

"I started at a 23 in reading and I brought my score up to a 33 using the strategies. This method really helped me work a lot faster and I even had time left over!" 

Reading: 23 to a 33

Testimonial: Jacob C. from Franklin-Simpson High School 

"As I was struggling with the ACT reading, I had absolutely no idea on what strategy to use. Then I started working with Mrs. Raymer. She helped me tremendously, she helped me to find the strategy that worked best for me. This strategy brought my score from a 15 to a 20 and I'm still working on it today." 

Reading: 15 to a 20

Testimonial: Andrew from Logan County High School 

"The strategies that I learned were some that I have never heard of, but they were all really easy to pick up on and use during the ACT. I would have never done as good as I did without those strategies, they helped tremendously!" 

Reading: 15 to a 22
English: 18 to a 22

Testimonial: Vito T. from Bowling Green High School 

"Jumped to an 18 in reading! You are the MVP!" 

Reading: 14 to an 18
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